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General Information
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General Information:

Myown River Ranch is located on 40 acres of pristine woodland situated on the Red Deer River. If you are looking for a place to get away from the rush and noise of the city, this is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places you could ever hope to find. Quiet and serene, it is truly a breath of fresh air. You won't believe it until you see it!

The ranch is one of the very few privately owned properties in the area. It is bordered by Federal Forest Reserve Land and very large ranches (up to 50,000 acres).

  • The three-bedroom bungalow sits on the upper bank of the river with private access down to the water.
  • Enjoy a tasty BBQ on the sundeck overlooking the river.
  • Take a dip in the private hot tub and enjoy the panoramic view of the river valley and surrounding Rocky Mountain Foothills.
  • Run down the path to the river with your kids and skip rocks across the sparkling water or cast a line and you may catch supper.
  • A gentle eddy just below this home makes a kayak/canoe launch a breeze.
  • Don't be surprised if you awaken to local wildlife outside your window.beaver pond at ranch
  • The retreat is only 1 1/2 hour drive from Calgary.

The Red Deer River flows peacefully by the Ranch with easy access for fishing enthusiasts. White Water rafting and kayaking are very popular on the river with fantastic rapids located just a few km west of the Ranch. A number of White Water Rafting Guide companies are located in the surrounding area. The numerous trails close by are popular with horseback riders, hikers and ATV enthusiasts.

Beaver Pond at Myown River Ranch

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Ranch History:

The ranch was homesteaded in 1934 by Albert Helmer. It has been known as the Helmer Creek Ranch, 19 Mile Ranch (as it is found 19 miles from Sundre) and now as Myown River Ranch.

Ranch facts:

• Elevation at the ranch itself is 4,133 ft. ASL (above sea level).

• Elevation at the top of Parker's Ridge (right behind the Ranch) is 4,658 ft. ASL.

• Elevation rise to hike up to the top of the ridge is 525 ft.

• 40 km from the ranch to the Banff Park boundary!!!!!

• 30 km west, the mountains are up to a Rocky height of about 8,000 to 8,500 ft. ASL.


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Local History:

The Sundre Pioneer Village Museum (located in Sundre) relates a wealth of local history and anecdotes.

The museum can be found at 211- First Avenue, S.W., Sundre.
Phone: 403-638-3233 or 403-638-4397


There is a wide variety of wildlife in the area and on the ranch, such as: elk, deer, beavers, and fox.  The beavers made the ponds you see in the photos "Beaver Ponds in the Fall" in the Photo Gallery.  It is not uncommon to see deer grazing while looking out the front window.  There are also wild horses (about a hundred) that roam the forest reserve around the ranch, they are a joy to watch.
It is a common sight to see moose in the town of Sundre, and if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of a bear, cougar or coyote in the forest reserve.  There are over 30 varieties of birds in the area and they are a pleasure to watch all day long.

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Outdoor Activities (in the area):

White water rafting
Cross country skiing
Horseback Riding
Snow mobiling
Snow shoeing
Sun tanning

Games (on the ranch):


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Don't Forget to Bring:

• Camera/ video camera
• Fishing License/ tackle
• Calling card
• Golf clubs
• Movies (DVD or Blu-ray)